build-artifacts/win/product/include/gfcpp/CacheableString.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

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namespace  gemfire

Data Structures

class  gemfire::CacheableString
 Implement a immutable C string wrapper that can serve as a distributable key object for caching as well as being a string value. More...


CacheableKeyPtr gemfire::createKeyArr (const wchar_t *value)
 overload of gemfire::createKeyArr to pass wchar_t*
CacheableKeyPtr gemfire::createKeyArr (const char *value)
 overload of gemfire::createKeyArr to pass char*
CacheablePtr gemfire::createValueArr (const wchar_t *value)
 overload of gemfire::createValueArr to pass wchar_t*
CacheablePtr gemfire::createValueArr (const char *value)
 overload of gemfire::createValueArr to pass char*

GemFire C++ Cache API Documentation