gemfire::InternalCacheTransactionManager2PC Class Reference

Detailed Description

Extension of the gemfire::CacheTransactionManager that enables client application to use Gemfire transaction as part of the global XA transaction.

The prepare method of this class corresponds to the prepare phases of the 2 phase commit protocol driven by a global transaction manager.

The implementation of the gemfire::CacheTransactionManager commit() and rollback() methods must be 2 phase commit process aware.

Methods of this class are expected to be called by a custom XA Resource Manager that is wrapping and adapting Gemfire client to XA specification requirements.


Public Member Functions

virtual void prepare ()=0
 Performs prepare during 2 phase commit completion.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void gemfire::InternalCacheTransactionManager2PC::prepare (  )  [pure virtual]

Performs prepare during 2 phase commit completion.

Locks of the entries modified in the current transaction on the server side.

Calls to subsequent commit() or rollback() methods overridden by this class are expected to succeed after prepare() has returned successfully. Gemfire commits internal transaction irreversibly on commit() call.

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